Dinosaur Bone Digging

★ Hey brave explorers, it’s time for a real bone digging experience! Excavate and gather ancient dinosaur bones and various hidden items– you must clean the bones and make your own dinosaur by playing remarkable dino puzzles!

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★ Dig dinosaur bones video games allow you to learn more about archaeology and dinosaurs in an entertaining and amazing way! Our dinosaur park video games bring a great deal of educational and cognitive advantages! Take pleasure in solving puzzles constructed out of bones in order to assemble a real-life dinosaur! As soon as you resolve the puzzle, a dinosaur will appear, together with its name and pronunciation. You will know the names of various ancient animals in no time, and discovering dinosaur bones will turn into one of your preferred games with animals or puzzle video games with bones collecting!


– 4 methods to gather bones and fix the puzzle with dinosaurs:.
– DIGGING UP BONES– collect holes and excavate dinosaur bones!
– FISHING FOR BONES– fish out fossils from the ocean!
– EXPLORING THE CAVES– utilize a flashlight to discover the bones in the dark caverns!
– CLEANING UP THE BONES– clean the bones utilizing unique tools and after that set up the bones into a dino puzzle!
– MINI GAMES– 2 exciting mini games you can play in order to proceed to the next level, once your dinosaur is put together!
– Download ** Dinosaur Bone Digging Simulation ** FREE!

★ Dinosaur video games enhance cognitive capabilities, such as logical thinking, concentration and issue resolving skills. Discover dinosaur names and their images by collecting bones that you uncovered, captured with a fishing rod or found in a cavern! This fascinating archeology video game is remarkably addicting and a fantastic way to kill time.

★ This is your chance to end up being paleontologists and explorers of the ancient era. We integrated archaeologist games with educational dinosaurs puzzles to develop a remarkable prehistoric world where everyone can enjoy themselves!

★ Our dinosaur fossil digging games can be played offline, without wifi connection, so don’t hesitate to download ** Dinosaur Bone Digging Simulation ** and gather cool brand-new virtual family pets! We have a collection of interesting and smart video games for archaeology fans that you must have a look at– check out various animal games, shape and color video games in addition to puzzles and choose your preferred one!

★ Dig for dinosaur bones and play fishing games to take out fossil bones utilizing a fishing pole! Train lots of important skills: memory, concentration, hand eye coordination to call simply a couple of! So, grab this shape puzzle with animals and have fun solving puzzles alone or with buddies– innovative activities to pass the time and have fun!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ With ** Dinosaur Bone Digging Simulation **, you’ll discover lots of kinds magnificent dinosaurs that resided in the ancient times! Explore the ocean and the dark caves, dig up fossils from the archaeological sites– if searching dinosaurs and learning more about the dinosaurs is your enthusiasm, this dino shape puzzle is the perfect option!