Panda Fighter Air Combat

Fight the wicked goblin invaders and beat in charge in air combat to be the rescuer of Mooshmooland! Assist Ironpaw, the brave Panda Fighter, to fulfill his objective and defeat the boss monster in his contemporary airplane! Download ✯Panda Fighter Air Combat ✯ and this intense blaster will change all the other aircraft shooting games you utilized to play! ✈ FEATURES: ➤ Hectic gameplay with intense levels ➤ Severe endless boss fights ➤ Gorgeous level design and immersive environments ➤ Vibrant HD graphics and vibrant characters ➤ Upgrade guards, weapons, rockets and bombs on your jet fighter ➤ Buy power-ups to trigger more damage to opponent warplanes in aircraft battle ➤ Start the air campaign to save Mooshmooland from evil goblin invaders ➤ Follow the guidelines Rikuto-sensei gives you to win the air war ➤ Boost your metal storm jet fighter to be the best aircraft shooter ➤ Intuitive controls for both novice “shoot ’em up” players and hardcore players One early morning Panda Leader received a troubling call from Rikuto-sensei. ‘We’re under air attack! The website is open, goblins are everywhere’! Now it’s up to brave Leader Ironpaw to conserve Mooshmooland from wicked space intruders! Start the limitless air defense flight, be the best aircraft shooter, go into the unlimited dogfight and shoot ’em up all! If you enjoy jet battle video games,Panda Fighter Air Combat will become your favorite shmup plane fighter simulator! Equip your gunship battle jet with the most dangerous weapons and begin the metalstorm airstrike! Upgrade your warplane and fire missiles like a rattlesnake! Purchase upgrades for guards and weapons, and unlock incredibly weapons like bombs, lasers, and metal blades to perform a mass damage on the competing airship! Start the firestorm, go into the limitless insane manager battle and show your supremacy on the air battleground! Get heavy machine guns and cannons for the optimum strikeforce and end up being the panda gunner hero! ✯ Panda Fighter Air Combat ✯ is the most intense shoot ’em up aircraft simulator 2015! Start your air defense flight, satisfy your warfare duty, finish the jet air strike objective, and fight in the impressive boss battles to damage the furious enemy forces and win the dogfight! If you’re a fan of shmup and other dry run, and you liked to play vertical retro airplane fight arcade video games, this amazing fly plane flight simulator 3D will become your favorite navy fighter pilot video game! If you’re bored by all the air “shooting video games” with military warplanes in The second world war, you’ll be thrilled when you take part in a legendary panda jam dogfight with mad goblin space intruders! Go into the world of airplane and this fast-paced action-packed gameplay and extreme metalstorm missile strikeforce attack waves will supply you hours of enjoyable! ✯ Panda Fighter Air Combat ✯ is one of the very best flying and shooting video games, so if you’re looking for a supreme airplane flight simulator experience with loads of top down bombing and shooting action, this cool gunship fight jet combating video game is all you need! Who does not love to play shooting games? No matter whether you’re looking for some enjoyable video games for boys and ladies, kids and adults, or even seniors who like playing retro game games, this airattack fight command “flight simulator” game will completely blow your mind! You’ll have a blast being a brave panda leader aircraft pilot and gunner shooting and dodging rockets, bombs, laser beans and opponent airships! So, what are you awaiting? Download “Panda Fighter Air Combat” and embark on an intense warfare airstrike mission to save the world!