Top Hamburger Chef

** Top Hamburger Chef ** is an elegant hamburger making and selling game for all enthusiastic hamburger makers out there!

** Profession Mode
** Time Attack Mode
** Fast Food Chef Championship

** Be the owner of your fast food restaurant and sell the most delicious hamburgers with fries to your hungry customers! Make your own hamburgers, but follow the consumers’ orders thoroughly, in order to get the optimum number of coins and pass levels!

** Your hamburger diner is always complete, so your burger making skills will be continuously checked! In the career mode, you can pass levels, earn coins and make your burger empire bigger till you reach the status of the leading burger chef! In the time attack mode, you should beat the clock and make as many burgers in the provided time. Finally, there’s a competition for the best hamburger maker and you are welcomed! Invent the coolest home-made hamburger recipe and present it to the judges! Hamburger making is fun, but can you be the best hamburger chef and win the first prize?

** Our food making video games in low mb that can be played offline are to everyone’s taste! This burger restaurant for fast food enthusiasts of any ages is waiting on you!